This past Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday was the JANY show. Our first show! What an amazing experience! I cannot say enough good things about how well it was run, how much help and guidance we received from Liz Kantner and staff at the show. Liz is a darling and she made our first trade show experience smooth.

Well, after we got there that is. We hit a pot hole and popped a tire on the drive in. There is nothing like popping a tire in the city! Luckily, my wonderful brother and husband were there to fix it in no time flat (I’m hilarious). We made it in with plenty of time to set up and meet all of the other amazing designers in the featured “New Designer Gallery.” We even had time to snap this picture:

Luckily for us, we were across from an AMAZING designer, Jackie, from Salt and Stone. I have to say, you never know where you are going to find such great people but between both Liz and Jackie, we count ourselves as SO lucky.

The Wave and Splash© collection garnered a lot of interest, especially to those looking for a cohesive, organic jewelry collection. The feedback we received was amazing and we have already begun to incorporate them.
I hope to see you at our next trade show…whenever that might be, so that you can see everything we have done.