Alexandra LaValley
Alexandra LaValleyJewelry Designer
Uniqueness is where it all began. I was not able to find ANYTHING close to what I envisioned as the perfect necklace for my wedding with Jim. Instead of settling for something that wasn’t right, I decided to take things into my own hands. I designed my OWN piece. That’s where Alexandra Gunn Designs all began.

About the Wave and Splash Collection

Reflective of the powerful balance that characterizes Ali and Jim’s partnership, the maiden collection of Alexandra Gunn Designs is inspired by the ocean.  A shared love and reverence of the tranquility, strength, and transformative energy that the ocean provides was the muse behind the Wave and Splash Collection.  Featuring Exotic, yet familiar shapes, the collection evokes visions of high-crashing crests and deep, churning waters near and far.  Just as the ocean unlocks something in us all, the pieces in the Wave and Splash Collection sing the same song as our souls.

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